Luminary puts a big emphasis on inclusion, outreach, and education. Our goal is to spark opportunity, empowering others to light their own path toward achieving their dreams.

Neurodivergent Career Prep Program

The U.S. job market is failing its autistic and neurodivergent (ND) citizens. As much as 80% of the ND community is unemployed or underemployed, despite having incredibly hireable traits such as dedication, hyperfocus, and innovative thinking. However, they also tend to struggle socially, and often need cognitive and environmental accommodations that many industries can’t or won’t provide. At the same time, the tax and accounting industry is bleeding talent, as fewer accountants enter the workforce and more accountants leave it. But where many people see intensely detail-oriented accounting work as daunting, others, particularly ND people, might see an ideal work environment.

Thus, an idea formed — why not offer steady employment to an underserved community, and build a qualified talent pool at the same time. Luminary’s Neurodivergent Career Prep Program is being formed to offer new career opportunities to autistic and other ND people. The program will teach the basic processes and procedures of the profession: what information goes where, how to file and organize documents, and the ins and outs of tax season, in the way that will be of most benefit to neurodivergent minds. This is not an internship. Everyone who enters the program will be a Luminary employee, with competitive wages and benefits on day one, no strings attached. If they want to continue their career with us, that’s perfect; they already have a permanent place on our team. If they instead want to use their newfound skills and confidence to pursue a different career, that’s awesome too; we’ll be their number-one fan, helping them navigate their opportunities and opening up any doors we can to help them reach a meaningful and rewarding new job.

We’ll know we’re doing it right once we become known for tax advising second — the good we do for our community will always come first.

Employee Empowerment

At Luminary, we believe there are two kinds of paychecks; the one that fills your bank account, and the one that fills your spirit. We want to give our employees an ample supply of both, offering incentives for charitable giving and continuing education so they can continue to grow and thrive, both on and off the clock.

Charitable Giving. Employees who donate to charitable organizations will have their donations matched, up to $1,500 per year. Volunteer hours will also be matched, either with equal time or equivalent monetary contributions.

Continuing Education. Employees receive up to $5,250 per year toward continuing education expenses or paying down student loans.

Community Partners

Florida Institute of Community Inclusion (FICI). An organization that equips autistic young adults with skills and resources to be self-sufficient. We’ve partnered with FICI to make sure neurodivergent people who are seeking careers have easy access to our Neurodivergent Career Prep Program. The program’s leaders are also FICI employees, with experience and connections that will help them create the best possible curriculum for neurodivergent participants.

Lift Disability Network. An organization that helps people with disabilities and their families access the accommodations they need to overcome their limitations and maximize their potential. Lift’s Mission is to inspire individuals and families living with disabilities to discover a new vision for their future. Luminary is a frequent sponsor of Lift Disability Network events.

Public Education Events. We love helping people succeed, and are always looking for chances to share what we know with everyone who is willing to learn. We don’t charge speaker fees to any organization that wants to offer financial education opportunities to their members or the community.

West Orange Chamber of Commerce. One of the biggest Chambers of Commerce and business communities in the state of Florida. The WOCC is a collective voice for business leadership and community partnerships that advances a positive eco-system for the West Orange Community. Adam is a Supporting Trustee of the West Orange Chamber and has sat on its Board of Directors since 2022. Thanks to his efforts with COVID financial relief in the community, Adam was named the WOCC Leader Out of Necessity in 2020.

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