Tax Advising

We all do our best to save money. We keep the thermostat at 78 degrees, shop the clearance rack, mow our own lawn, and get creative to make our dollars stretch as far as they’ll go.
So what are you doing to save on your taxes?
Most people just want to file their return as quickly as possible. They drop their paperwork off at the nearest big-block tax firm, pay whatever it says they owe, and heave a sigh of relief that they’re “done” with taxes.
Here’s the truth: You’re never done with taxes. Every single day, nearly every dollar you earn or spend is taxed. If you’re only thinking about those taxes after all your earning and spending is done, how much of your own money are you losing out on?
Luminary tax advising is a year-round tax planning service designed to shed a light on not just what you owe, but why you owe it. We assess your specific financial situation and think ahead about when, where, and how you spend, so you can get more back at the end of the year. 
How it works
It starts with a conversation. We meet over Zoom to learn about your unique financial situation and goals. Next, we develop a plan that considers the when, where, and why of your buying and spending. We identify pain points and common financial mistakes, and offer preliminary advice on steps you can take today to ease your tax burden tomorrow.

From there, we set up routine check-ins to review your progress, catch up on on recent earnings and purchases, and search the tax code for new ways to help you keep more of your own money.
What it costs
We believe you shouldn’t have to be a multimillionaire to have access to quality tax planning.

We have two separate package plans to add advising to your existing tax return service. You can view our pricing schedule here. As for our ongoing corporate clients, we consider tax planning to be an essential component of business planning, so advising is built into those core services at no additional cost.
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