Crisis Relief Access

Disaster always strikes twice. Job loss, property destruction, health crises, and loss of loved ones are their own disasters. But following quickly on their heels is the second disaster — medical and insurance bills arrive as income and assets vanish, leaving many with a far greater financial burden and far fewer resources to deal with it.
In times like these, we believe it is our role as Luminaries to guide our community through the unknown and into a brighter future. Our Tax Advisors can help individuals and businesses determine any and all government relief programs they qualify for, and navigate the complexities of the application process.
In the wake of Hurricane Ian, we built a specialized landing page full of vital tax and government reimbursement information and assisted in the application process. Throughout COVID-19, we helped hundreds of people and businesses apply for $8.5 million in COVID relief grants, loans, and credits. And, as always, we charged nothing for these services.
Luminary pledges to keep crisis relief access 100% complimentary to everyone in need, whether they’re loyal clients or complete strangers. We’re in this together, and we will get through it together.
The amount in COVID relief funds we brought into our community.

The amount we charged for our assistance.
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